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Why was Rove coaching a DOJ official on their testimony before Congress?

@ 11:21 PM (96 months, 3 days ago)
Under no circumstances can anyone think it appropriate for Karl Rove, nothing more than Bushie's glorified political guru, to be participating in a meeting at the White House in which he coached a top DOJ official on their upcoming testimony before Congress regarding the purge of U.S. attorneys. The White House is clueless if they can't see how inappropriate this is. And even more importantly, the Congress is clueless if they don't subpoena Rove ASAP and compell him to testify.

From Newsweek:

Deputy chief of staff Karl Rove participated in a hastily called meeting at the White House two months ago. The subject: The firing of eight U.S. attorneys last year. The purpose: to coach a top Justice Department official heading to Capitol Hill to testify on the prosecutorial purge on what he should say.

Now some investigators are saying that Rove’s attendance at the meeting shows that the president’s chief political adviser may have been involved in an attempt to mislead Congress—one more reason they are demanding to see his e-mails and force him to testify under oath.

At the March 5, 2007, meeting, White House aides, including counsel Fred Fielding and deputy counsel William Kelley, sought to shape testimony that Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General William Moschella was to give the next day before the House Judiciary Committee.

Although the existence of the White House meeting had been previously disclosed by the Justice Department, Rove’s attendance at the strategy session was not—until both Moschella and Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty talked about it in confidential testimony with congressional investigators last week. Portions of their testimony were read to NEWSWEEK by a Democratic aide who asked not to be identified talking about private matters.

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