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Democrats Keeping Faith By Acting On Their Promises

@ 11:10 PM (100 months, 9 days ago)

A pretty good read by Bob Schieffer of CBS, on how Congress has been getting it right lately.

In his commentary, Schieffer is giving props for the ethics reform legislation recently passed by Congress, the new 5-day work week for members of Congress, et al.

But as someone pointed out to me today, there is one major loophole in Schieffer's commentary.  Not one time did he mention that this has all been accomplished under the leadership of the new Democratically-controlled Congress. 

It's admirable that someone in the MSM is recogizing the good things that the Congress has done thus far this legislative season. But it would be nice to see them also recognize this is due to the Democrats keeping faith with the American people.  The Democrats ran with an agenda.  They went to the Amrerican people and basically said 'if you return control of Congress to us, this is what we will do.'  They are thus far keeping faith by acting on those promises.

Schieffer's commentary, while admirable, should have recognized that.

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