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Chris Wallace in full 'GOP media whore' mode

@ 05:10 PM (99 months, 20 days ago)
So I've been listening to C-span Radio's rebroadcast of the Sunday morning news shows today.

And listening to Fox News Sunday, it was very obvious that Chris Wallace was in full 'GOP media whore' mode.

- When he introduced Lynne Cheney as his guest, he described her as "one of Washington's original thinkers." When she thanked him, he said "well deserved." As someone who has a degree in mass media arts/print journalism, this kind of editorializing disturbs me. Could he not have just said "Ladies and gentleman, the wife of the Vice-President..."

- He also thanked Lynne Cheney for being invited to her and Dick Cheney's Christmas Party at their residence. And he said he noticed Scooter Libby in attendance as well. And he asked her about their relationship with Scooter Libby.

Immediately, as a journalist, my mind when to the potential conflict of interest. Dick Cheney is being called as a defense witness in Libby's trial. Yet, Cheney invites Libby to his Christmas Party. If I had been interviewing Lynne Cheney, I would have asked her about that. Needless to say, Wallace did not.