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Does Bush Really Listen To The Generals?

@ 10:47 PM (98 months, 22 days ago)

George Bush is fond of saying that he listens to the generals on the ground to guide his decisions regarding the war in Iraq, and specifically when it comes to troop levels.

Perhaps he should revise his previous remarks, to say that he only listens to the generals when he likes what they have to say.

Bush admitted today that he is inclinded to send more troops to Iraq, despite the fact that the generals on the ground have some heartburn with this approach.

From an Associated Press article:

WASHINGTON - A White House laboring to find a new approach in Iraq said Tuesday it is considering sending more U.S. troops, an option that worries top generals because of its questionable payoff and potential backlash.  President Bush said he is ready to boost the overall size of an American military overstretched by its efforts against worldwide terrorism.

The military's caution on shipping thousands of additional troops temporarily to Iraq is based on a fear that the move could be ineffective without bold new political and economic steps.

Commanders also worry that the already stretched Army and Marine Corps would be even thinner once the short-term surge ended. Bush's newly expressed interest in making the military larger would have little impact on that worry because it will take much longer to add substantially to the size of the military.

The generals are talking.  But is Bush listening? Me thinks not!  Especially because he doesn't like what it is they are saying.

Iraq troop buildup idea worries generals

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