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Did We Not Just Have An Election?

@ 10:17 PM (99 months, 24 days ago)

Maybe someone needs to remind incoming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that we just had an election.  And in that election, the voters sent a clear message: they are not happy with the daily carnage and misery that has become Iraq, under George Bush's failed war.

Considering that his party just won back the majority in both houses of Congress, you wouldn't think that Sen. Reid would need a reminder about the results of the mid-term election, but apparently he does.

Reid announced what is, in my opinion, a very disappointing position of his: that he would be ok with a very brief increase in the number of American troops in Iraq.  Reid said "If the commanders on the ground said this is just for a short period of time, we'll go along with that."  He did go on, however, to say that "The American people will not allow this war to go on as it has. It simply is a war that will not be won militarily. It can only be won politically."

Excuse me, Senator, but if you believe that this war cannot be won military, then why continue to put our troops at risk, in the middle of a civil war in which WE have also become the target?  That is not what the American people voted for on November 7.  In case you miss the point Sen. Reid, the American people will not give the Democrats a free pass on Iraq.  If your party fails to hold George Bush's feet to the fire on Iraq, and if you quiver under Bushie's "stay the course" policy, then the American people will remove you from power, just as they did the Republicans this November.

Meanwhile, former Secretary of State Colin Powell basically says that the U.S. Army is nearly broken because of Iraq, and that there are no more troops to send.  He stated "There really are no additional troops. The current active Army is not large enough and the Marine Corps is not large enough for the kinds of missions they are being asked to perform.''

Reid: Brief troop increase OK in Iraq

Powell Says U.S. Army `About Broken' Because of Iraq (Update1)

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