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Mission Not So Accomplished?

@ 11:12 PM (100 months, 3 days ago)

Many Americans will recall May 1, 2003.

That was the day when George W. Bush stood on an aircraft carrier, behind a banner stating "Mission Accomplished," and declared that "Major combat operations in Iraq have ended."

Well, it seems like Bushie is revising his previous remarks.

Today, regarding the situtation in Iraq, he said that the enemy is "far from being defeated."

So we've gone from "Major combat operations in Iraq have ended" to the enemy is "far from being defeated."

You know Bushie, many of the Iraqi people now think that WE are the enemy.  But I'm just saying...

It is also interesting to note that as Bush was basically admitting defeat in Iraq today, he also said he would "not be rushed" when it comes to deciding on a new strategy for Iraq.  In other words, Bush could care less that people are dying in Iraq, on a daily basis.  The Decider-in-Chief is gonna take his sweet time deciding on a strategy for Iraq.  Never mind that he sent our troops into Iraq without an exit plan or a plan to win the peace in the first place.  He's gonna take his time.  Meanwhile, the White House has planned to host 24 holiday parties this holiday season.  That's right, 24 parties.  No wonder Bush can't decide on a strategy for Iraq. He's too busy partying it up while our troops and the Iraqi people pay the price.

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24 holiday parties will see traditional look with non-traditional menu

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