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Bush: "Like MOST Americans, this administration wants to succeed in Iraq.."

@ 09:59 PM (100 months, 5 days ago)

"Like most Americans, this administration wants to succeed in Iraq because we understand success in Iraq would help protect the United States in the long run."

- George W. Bush, speaking after his Iraq briefing at the State Department on 12/11/06

Notice he said "Like MOST Americans, this administration wants to succeed in Iraq.."

Like MOST Americans?

Does George Bush know any American who DOESN'T want us to succeed in Iraq? If he does, I'd love for him to introduce them to me, because I sure haven't met anyone not desirious for success in Iraq. We may disagree with this war. And we may disagree on strategy. But the last time I checked, we all wanted the same thing: a more peaceful, hopeful Iraq.

But I guess for George W. Bush, this really isn't about Iraq or the Iraqi people. It's just more proof that he believes if you are not in lock step with his twisted, sick policies, you are unpatriotic.

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