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The Arrogance of Donald Rumsfeld

@ 10:41 PM (101 months, 5 days ago)

As we all know now, Donald Rumsfeld is being shown the door.  Now, it's a shame that it took the Republican Party getting their clocks cleaned yesterday, to make George Bush understand what a miserable failure his Secretary of Defense is.  But if that's what it took, fine by me!

Even after being given his walking papers, Rummy's arrogance was appearance.  He says we just don't "understand" the Iraq war!   He said during his remarks today: "It is not well-known, It was not well-understood. It is complex for people to comprehend, and I know with certainty that over time the contributions you've made will be recorded by history."

WE don't understand the Iraq war, Rummy?  Tell that to our men and women serving there.  Tell it to the families who have lost loved ones there.  Tell it to the Iraqi civilians with permanent injuries, or who have also lost loved ones.

We understand just fine that you threatened to fire anyone who mentioned the need for an exit strategy.  I think we understand that the Administration in which you served, fixed the facts around the policy. 

It is YOU, Rummy, that doesn't understand the Iraq war; the one who can't comprehend it.  And that is why you are out of a job.

Rumsfeld: Iraq war 'little understood'

It's Official: Democrats Take Control of Senate

@ 08:45 PM (101 months, 6 days ago)

Here's hoping that the executive branch of the U.S. government will now have some oversight.

The Democrats will take control of both houses of Congress in January.  Last night, of course, we learned that they had control of the House of Representatives.   And today, we learned that they will indeed take the Senate, thanks to Jim Webb's victory over George Allen.

Democrats take control of the Senate