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Rummy To Critics: Back Off Me, Man! Back Off Me! (Barf Alert)

@ 10:15 PM (101 months, 17 days ago)

The arrogance of Donald Rumsfeld comes shining through again.  I'll give him credit: at least he's consistent.

Apparently our Secretary of Defense doesn't like people criticizing him.  Today, he told critics of the Iraq war to just " just back off" when it comes to setting deadlines in Iraq.

Awww...what's wrong?  Poor baby.  Did someone hurt your feelings, Rummy?  Upset that people are finally calling you out for the miserable failure that you are; for sending our troops into harm's way without a plan to win the peace?

Well, let's make a deal here.  I'll "just back off" if you promise to: 1) resign or 2) urge Bushie to redeploy our troops so they are no longer the target in a civil war.

Rumsfeld tells war critics to 'back off'

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  1. Hmmmmm. Confusing. On the one hand, people who blow with the political winds are no good because they have no convictions. On the other hand, people who have convictions are no good because either their convictions are not the "right" ones or because they don't blow with the political winds. I am pretty sure demlibs can't have it both ways, although they try to fool voting America into thinking they can. Take your recent posts for example. You have used each excuse to level criticism. That approach results in one's core beliefs taking a backseat to political expediency. It looks like the demlibs bid for the Senate is over and the demlibs bid for the house is becoming shakier by the day. What is the next desperate scheme the demlibs will punish the public with?

    Comment by Barry G.— 2006/10/26 @ 10:47 PM — (Reply)

  2. Is that something you know, Barry? Or a known unknown that you know you will know?

    Dr. Rummy Strangelove should have been removed long ago - another Bush blunder.

    Comment by Dugg— 2006/10/27 @ 02:47 AM — (Reply)

  3. AtLeast he speaks "plain,simple and straight forward" ENGLISH......

    Comment by jim— 2006/10/27 @ 08:54 AM — (Reply)

  4. To answer your question Dugg, the most recent Zogby polls revealed that the majority of Americans support Secretary Rumsfeld.

    Comment by Barry G.— 2006/10/29 @ 04:37 PM — (Reply)

  5. What polls? Inside the White House doesn't count!

    Comment by — 2006/10/30 @ 12:26 PM — (Reply)

  6. Oh, I wouldn\'t blame Allen *at all* for fitnighg the good fight, and holding out for the recount. I thought it was a little early for Webb to claim victory, actually. After the fiasco of the 2000 election, you\'d think these guys would know better! Steph E., I\'ve *always* wanted to see Montana, anyway! LOL Thanks for explaining about the population difference. I thought that was the case, but couldn\'t find any resource saying for sure. *sigh* As ever, I\'m in complete awe of you supremely intelligent VA HOMESCHOOLERS!In my defense, though LOL we *are* in the middle of a move, to our new home. Cable guy just left after getting us online and on DVR again. You\'d think we were all crack addicts, the way we\'ve been jonesin! Course, MAMA rules, so I\'m first to log on and find out what\'s going on in the world. Off now, to unpack more boxes .tra la la la la.

    Comment by Christine— 2014/04/06 @ 04:49 AM — (Reply)

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