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I Call Upon Our Republican Friends To Make Up Their Mind

@ 08:30 PM (102 months, 3 days ago)

Once upon a time, in the year 1998, there was a President named William Jefferson Clinton.

And he was accused by some of his detractors of acting TOO AGGRESSIVELY against suspected terrorists, namely those in Al Qaeda.

Example, taken from this CNN article:

Clinton came under intense criticism in 1998 by the GOP after he launched an attack on suspected terrorist targets in Afghanistan and Sudan. Intelligence indicated bin Laden and his top associates were meeting at a training camp when U.S. missiles were fired at it, just weeks after al Qaeda terrorists bombed U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya.


A few months later, the accusations of Clinton's use of the military arose anew when the United States and Britain launched Operation Desert Fox, a four-day bombing campaign against Iraq. That operation came as House debated Clinton's impeachment.

Cohen testified he was called to the House on the day the operation began to defend Clinton against a "boiling" rage.

"I put my entire public career on the line to say that the president always acted specifically upon the recommendation of those of us who held the positions of responsibility to take military action," he said. "And at no time did he ever try to use it or manipulate it to serve his personal ends."

Now, the conservatives who accused President Clinton of acting to agressively against terrorists, say he DIDN'T DO ENOUGH.

From the mouth of Gov. George Pataki during the 2004 Republican Convention:

"You know the history. Osama bin Laden declared war on America -- and then came the attacks -- the first World Trade Center, the embassies, the USS Cole, hundreds dead, thousands injured. How I wish the administration at that time, in those years, had done something. How I wished they had moved to protect us. But they didn't do it."

So, I call upon our friends in the Republican Party to make up their mind once and for all. Which is it? Did President Clinton act too agressively, as you claimed during the 90's?

Or did he not do enough, as you now claim in order to provide political cover for George W. Bush?

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