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The GOP's Politization of the London Plot

@ 11:12 PM (104 months, 28 days ago)

There are a boatload of articles about how the GOP especially, is politicizing the alledged London plot for political gain.

For starters, there's an article about a very interesting GOP fundraising letter that former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani sent out to the conservative base.  In the letter, he invokes the London plot.  The basic undertone of Guiliani's letter: if you, dear American citizen, don't want to get attacked, then you better send the Republican Party $25, $50, or whatever you can afford.  That'll keep you safe!

Democrats Assail GOP Fundraising Effort; Democrats Cry Foul Over New Republican Fundraising Effort Mentioning War on Terrorism

There's more:

An article about Dick Cheney connecting Joe Lieberman's loss to Ned Lamont, to the so-called war on terror, and Cheney's suggestion that Lamont's victory of Lieberman might encourage "the al-Qaida types."

Cheney accused of politicizing terrorism

And a great op/ed from the New York Times on the politization of the London plot: The London Plot

Yet another article, this one courtesy of MSNBC:

GOP ups ante with London, Lamont

Republicans using week's events to charge Democrats' defense weakness