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Iraq War Detracts From War On Terror

@ 11:52 PM (104 months, 10 days ago)

The war in Iraq has become a recruitment poster for global terrorists groups. 

That's the conclusion reached by more than eight out of 10 American terrorism and national security experts who were surveyed this spring for a poll conducted by Foreign Policy magazine and the Center for American Progress.

Michael Scheuer, a conservative Republican and author of the book Imperial Hubris, says "The war in Iraq broke our back in the war on terror." He believes the war in Iraq has served as a "recruiting bananza" and also a valuable training ground for global terrorists.

Likewise, a report from the British parliment draws a similar conclusion. The Foreign Affairs Select Committee says that the war in Iraq has given terrorists a valuable training ground.  And it concludes that despite success capturing Al Qaeda leaders in Iraq, the danger from terrorism and Al Qaeda is actually growing.  Their report also references a deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan.

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