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Bill Kristol Longing For a Facist United States?

@ 10:59 PM (106 months, 9 days ago)

Does conservative commentator Bill Kristol hate us for our freedoms?

In comments he made today during his appearance on Fox Morning News, Kristol seems to be longing for a facist United States.  He said "Maybe we should have Supreme Leader Bush.  I kind of like the sound of that." (Watch the video of Kristol's comments here

Well, Bill, sadly it seems your wishes are being fulfilled.  Because we know have a Chief Executive who clearly thinks he is King; that he is above the law.  We have a Chief Executive who uses signing statements NOT to clarify the intent of the bill he just signed into law (like other Presidents have done).  Rather, he uses signing statements to say he is not obliged to follow the law.

And people wonder why we have no credibility when we say we went into Iraq to get rid of a brutal dictator and spread democracy.

We have a dictator right here in our own backyard that needs to be removed from office.