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Update on Karl Zinsmeister Story: Newspaper May Take Legal Action

@ 10:33 PM (108 months, 4 days ago)

So as I reported yesterday, Idiot Son Bush's new domestic policy adviser, Karl Zinmeister, admitted that he edited quotes attributed to him, and edited other text as well, from a Syracuse New Times article on him.

He edited text from the article, and re-posted it on his own website, without making note that he had edited text from the original article. (see my post from yesterday here:

Now, the Editor-in-Chief of the Syracuse New Times says she plans to consult a lawyer on the matter, regarding possible legal action.  Molly English also said "What is getting lost here is that he changed quotes, that is getting lost here. I find it insulting and his excuse is awfully lame."

UPDATE: Paper May Take Legal Action Against Bush Aide

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