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Required Reading for 5/31/06

@ 11:41 PM (106 months, 13 days ago)

Some required reading for today:

1.  More example of BushCo's idea of the culture of life in Iraq: U.S. troops kill pregnant woman in Iraq

2.  Just how committed is BushCo. to protecting Washington, DC and New York City (two of the most vulnerable places) from a terrorist attack, when they have slashed their homeland security grants? Homeland Security grants rile D.C., NYC

3. Latest on Haditha: According to a new Washington Post article, an investigation into the killings of innocent Iraqis by U.S. Marines will conclude that some officers gave false information about the incident to their superiors, and that the superiors failed to scrutinize the reports. Haditha probe finds false reports

Update on Karl Zinsmeister Story: Newspaper May Take Legal Action

@ 10:33 PM (106 months, 13 days ago)

So as I reported yesterday, Idiot Son Bush's new domestic policy adviser, Karl Zinmeister, admitted that he edited quotes attributed to him, and edited other text as well, from a Syracuse New Times article on him.

He edited text from the article, and re-posted it on his own website, without making note that he had edited text from the original article. (see my post from yesterday here:

Now, the Editor-in-Chief of the Syracuse New Times says she plans to consult a lawyer on the matter, regarding possible legal action.  Molly English also said "What is getting lost here is that he changed quotes, that is getting lost here. I find it insulting and his excuse is awfully lame."

UPDATE: Paper May Take Legal Action Against Bush Aide