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The Hammer Runs Out of Nails

@ 10:41 PM (107 months, 8 days ago)

Breaking News From MSNBC: Representative Tom Delay, who was forced to step down as Majority Leader after being indicted, has decided not to seek re-election.

No link yet- Breaking News Banner on MSNBC and CNN's websites.

ON EDIT: The story of The Hammer's withdrawal from the race is now up on CNN's website.

He says: "This had become a referendum on me.  So it's better for me to step aside and let it be a referendum on ideas, Republican values and what's important for this district."

Well, duh, you idiot!  Most elections ARE usually a referendum on the incumbent.  In this case, the incumbent is YOU (sadly).  So of course this election should be about you, and how you have defiled the House of Representatives with your illegal activity.

Sources: DeLay to leave House re-election race

Former majority leader to announce move Tuesday