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To The Max, Baby!

@ 11:51 PM (107 months, 23 days ago)

Does Idiot Son George Bush even know what it feels like to tell the truth?  Is he even capable of it?

Speaking in Irvine, California, Bushie said that he tried to avoid war with Iraq "diplomatically to the max."

Bushie, let's talk for a minute.  Just you and me.  I know you have a hard time grasping and understanding certain ideas.  But there's a name for what you are doing.  And it's called revisionist history.  We've been down this road before, you and I.

Lest you forget, you were talking about war with Iraq when you were simply candidate Governor George W. Bush.  You lamented to your ghostwriter that one of the keys to being seen as a successful leader, is to be seen as a commander-in-chief. And that if you had a chance to invade Iraq, you wouldn't waste your political capital, like Poppy did.

Your former White House Counter-terrorism Official Richard Clarke says that you clearly left an impression with him, that you wanted him to come back with a report that said Iraq was responsible for 9/11.

Then, there's the matter of the Downing Street Memo, which says that the facts were being fixed around the policy, in the lead-up to war with Iraq.

And let's not forget that you were so concerned about the lack of evidence against Sadaam, that you contemplated flying U2 reconnaissance planes over Iraq, and painting them in the United Nations colors. And if Sadaam fired on them, he would be in violation of U.N. resolutions.

This is the record, Bushie. Your record. A record which indicates diplomacy never entered the picture. All-out war was your only desire. To the max, baby!

Bush Says He Tried to Avoid War 'To The Max,' Explains How God Shapes His Foreign Policy

Lower...And Lower...And Lower

@ 11:25 PM (107 months, 23 days ago)

Poor Bushie.  He's falling and he can't get up.

According to a new CNN poll (carried out by the Opinion Research Corporation), Bushie's approval rating is at an anemic 32%. 

Fewer Americans describe him as "honest and trusthworthy," and the percentage of Americans viewing him as a "strong and decisive leader" has dropped as well.  (My only question is, why aren't these numbers at 0%, with his track record?)

Forget Tom Cruise.  It looks like Josh Bolten is the newest cast member of Mission Impossible, with the task of revitalizing this dying presidency.

Bush's approval ratings slide to new low