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Quote of the Day for 4/23/06

@ 11:16 PM (108 months, 22 days ago)

"We have to do two things. One, disqualify the Republicans, and two, provide an alternative. The first part, they've done for us, and the second part, we need to do."

Bobby Kahn, Chairman of the Georgia Democratic Party, quoted in a Washington Post article.

Mr. Kahn has it exactly right when he says that the Democrats need to provide an alternative.

If you take a look at George Bush's approval ratings, I think that clearly, the majority of Americans "get it."  They know and they understand that George Bush and the Republican Party have failed our country.  They have put their own interests above that of the country.

But it won't be enough for the Democrats to run on George Bush's failed record.  Many voters will want to know 'what do you offer me instead?'

The Democrats must lay out their own vision for where they would take the country, if control of either one or both houses of Congress were returned to them, after this year's mid-term elections.