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Against the Dubai Port Deal, Before He Was For It

@ 11:32 PM (107 months, 16 days ago)

Forget about John Kerry. Seems like Sen. Bill Frist has done some flip-flopping of his own. 

We can now say that Bill Frist was against the Dubai port deal before he was for it.

The Senate Majority Leader now says he feels "pretty good" about the deal, despite his prior stated objections to it.

I'm thinking that Bush's Brain, Karl Rove, has been working the phone lines tirelessly, threatening to withold support in this midterm election season, for any Republican that doesnt support the deal.

Frist says he's OK with ports deal


Required Reading For 2/26

@ 11:59 AM (107 months, 16 days ago)

Must read article from Joe Klein in Time Magazine:

Bush's Broken Political Antenna--Bush is "airy and out of touch..."  His response to the Dubai ports issue, and the Dick Cheney shooting scandal, has been "surreal."