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If You Weren't So Bad...

@ 11:26 PM (109 months, 27 days ago)

Remember the old adage that parents would often give their children: "If you weren't so bad, you wouldn't be so scared..."

Hmmm...well, it seems that's a lesson the Bush Crime Team never learned.  They've been working feverishly to avoid any investigation into their domestic spying program, and have been making urgent calls to members of Congress, in hopes of avoiding an investigation.

Which begs the question: what are they trying to hide?  What do they fear about an investigation into their illegal spy program?

White House Working to Avoid Wiretap Probe

Required Reading for 2/20

@ 11:21 PM (109 months, 27 days ago)

According to the latest from, the CIA Leak Investigation is once again heating up.

And the focus is clearly on Dick Cheney and his peons.

Truthout reports on the mounting evidence that senior officials at the National Security Council, and within the Office of the Vice President, collaborated and conspired to expose Valerie Plame's identity, in the hopes that it would keep her husband Joe Wilson from admonishing the Administration's pre-war intelligence.

It also says that the investigation has begun to focus on a specific group of individuals who were directly involved in pushing the Bush White House to cite bogus documents in it's rush to war.

NSC, Cheney Aides Conspired to Out CIA Operative