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"Smarmy At Worst..."

@ 11:17 PM (109 months, 10 days ago)

Gotta love it when the Republicans eat their own!

Commenting on what he thought about Idiot Son's State of the Union speech, Bill Weld, Republican Gubernatorial candidate in New York, said "The speech didn't do that much for me. I thought it was smarmy at worst."

John Bolton An Embarrassment on World Stage: Presides Over Empty Room!

@ 10:28 PM (109 months, 10 days ago)

John Bolton continues to show why he's such an embarrassment to the United States on the international stage.

Bolton couldn't even get confirmed to his position in the Republican-led Senate, and so to get his man, Bush resorted to a recess appointment of Bolton.

Today, in what amounted to a big "screw you" to Bolton by other diplomats, he presided over an empty U.N. Room.  Bolton said "I brought the gavel down at 10. I was the only one in the room."  He was trying to open his first meeting as head of the Security Council .

Bolton presides over empty U.N. room


Judge: No Immunity For Christie Todd Whitman

@ 10:15 PM (109 months, 10 days ago)

Today, U.S. District Judge Deborah Batts refused to grant immunity to former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Christie Todd Whitman. 

Whitman, who was head of EPA on 9/11, was seeking immunity from a class-action lawsuit, filed in 2004, by residents, students, and people working in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.  These individuals say they were exposed to hazardous materials after the Twin Towers fell.

Judge Batts took Whitman to task for giving reassuring statements to New Yorkers that it was safe to return to their jobs and homes post-9/11, while toxic dust was polluting the neighborhoods.

Calling Whitman's actions "conscience-shocking," Judge Batts also said "No reasonable person would have thought that telling thousands of people that it was safe to return to lower Manhattan, while knowing that such return could pose long-term health risks and other dire consequences, was conduct sanctioned by our laws."

Whitman certainly does bear much of that blame and responsibility.  But the Bush White House also bears responsibility as well.

In 2003, a report issued by EPA Inspector General Nikki Tinsley concluded that the Bush White House "convinced EPA to add reassuring statements and delete cautionary ones."  The report also said that on September 18, 2001, when the EPA said the air was "safe" to breath, it did not have the data and analyses to sufficiently make that statement.

Judge Slams Ex-EPA Chief Over Sept. 11

White House edited EPA's 9/11 reports