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U.N. Verdict: Close Guantanamo

@ 11:25 PM (110 months, 1 day ago)

An investigation by the United Nations has concluded that the United States conducted "acts amounting to torture" at Guantanamo Bay, and says the site should be closed.

Among the allegations from five U.N. human rights experts:

- The United States committed acts tantamount to torture, including force-feeding detainees, and exposing them to prolonged solitary confinement.

- The U.S. government violated detainees' rights to a fair trial, as well as their right to freedom of religion and to health.

- The U.S. violated the 30-day maximum rule.  Detainees at Guantanamo can only be held in islolation for 30 days, but the U.S. held some detainees in solitary confinement or "quasi-isolation" for as long as 18 months.

- Some detaineees were kicked, hooded, and stripped.

Moreover, the report concludes that the United States is trying to act as prosecutor, defense, judge and jury in the case of the detainees at Guantanamo.

The report states: “In the case of the Guantanamo Bay detainees the U.S. executive operates as judge, as prosecutor, and as defense counsel. This constitutes serious violations of various guarantees of the right to a fair trial before an independent trial.”

The United Nations' report says that Guantanamo Bay should be closed, and that the U.S. "should revoke all special interrogation techniques authorized by the Department of Defense."

U.N.: U.S. tortures Guantanamo detainees


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