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Kenneth Starr Accused of Sending Fake Clemency Letters

@ 11:22 PM (107 months, 28 days ago)

Looks like former Whitewater Independent Counsel Kenn Starr has made a career change.

He's gone from sending pornographic referrals to Congress, to sending fake clemency letters to Governors.

Kenn Starr is being accused by prosecutors of sending fake clemency letters to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Prosecutors say that lawyers for a death row inmate, including Ken Starr, sent the Califnoria Governor fake letters from jurors asking him to spare the man's life.  The jurors in the case have said they don't believe the condemned man deserves clemency.

Nathan Barankin, spokesman for the Attorney General Bill Lockyer, say they queried each juror whose name the letters of clemency had been sent on behalf of, and they all denied saying what was in the letters.

And remind me, Mr. Starr, what's that age-old saying about karma?

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