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Michael Brown Plays 'Mother May I' With Bush Crime Team

@ 10:26 PM (111 months, 6 days ago)

The man who used to be the Chief Rules Enforcer for the International Arabian Horses Association continues to show what a joke he is, and just how qualified he is to be a horse's, well, you get the picture!

Former FEMA Chief Michael Brown has indicted he may be willing to share some of his official correspondence with George Bush and other officials regarding Hurricane Katrina, but only if the White House lets him!

On February 6, Michael Brown's lawyer wrote a letter to White House Counsel Harriet Miers, in which he said Brown still respects Idiot Son's "presidential perogative" to get confidential advice from his aides, and that "Unless there is specific direction otherwise from the president, including an assurance the president will provide a legal defense to Mr. Brown if he refuses to testify as to these matters, Mr. Brown will testify if asked about particular communications."

Senators on both sides of the fence have continued to express fustration over the Bush Crime Team's failure to answer questions or release documents about the advice Idiot Son received about Hurricane Katrina.

Brown may reveal Bush correspondence

EDIT FOR UPDATE: The White House refuses to give Michael Brown legal cover for not testifying.  They refused (and rightly so, on this one) to let Michael Brown claim executive priviledge. Now let's just see if he'll tell the truth when he testifies tomorrow. 

Former FEMA Director to Testify About Katrina

Denied Executive Privilege, Brown Plans to Discuss Communications With Bush


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