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New Majority Leader Is Literally In Bed With The Lobbyists

@ 11:24 PM (109 months, 4 days ago)

The Republicans call this reform?

By electing Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) as the new Majority Leader in the House, Republicans would have the American public believe they are serious about ethics reform.

But the facts tell another story.

Rep. Boehner is infamous for having passed out checks from the tobacco industry, on the floor of the House.  He would pass out the tobacco checks to some of his fellow Republicans on the floor of the House.

Now, we learn that Boehner is renting an apartment that is owned by a lobbyist in D.C.

Boehner: Big Tobacco’s Personal Western Union

Matthews on Gergen's reference to Boehner tobacco check incident: "Wow. ... Everybody else ... forgives and forgets, but not Gergen."

Boehner attempts comeback to leadership table 

Boehner Rents Apartment Owned by Lobbyist in D.C.

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