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Bush Equates His Critics With Tyranny

@ 11:39 PM (110 months, 3 days ago)

Fair warning, freedom loving people everywhere!  If you believe that the United States is a democracy and you have the right to speak out against the policies of the incumbent administration, then Idiot Son says you support tyranny.

"A country that divides into factions and dwells on old grievances cannot move forward and risks sliding back into tyranny."

-George W. Bush, during a speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars

Bush Issues Stark Warning on Iraq Debate

Look up the word narcissism in the dictionary, and there's bound to be a picture of Idiot Son there.

War Vets Coming Home and Running For Congress As Democrats

@ 11:08 PM (110 months, 3 days ago)

The Atlantic Monthly's Joshua Green has an interesting article about a political trend developing: veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars returning home and running for Congress as Democrats.

So far, 14 veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have announced their intention to run for Congress as Democrats.

One such person profiled in the Atlantic Monthly piece is Command Sergeant Jim Walz, who served 24 years in the Army National Guard.  He is retired now, but was on active duty when George Bush was visiting Minnesota last year on a campaign stop, at the same time Walz was returning home from Operation Enduring Freedom.

Walz, a high school teach and football coach, decided to take two of his students to Bush's campaign event.  They were intially denied admittance to Bush's event, because one of Walz's students had a John Kerry sticker affixed to his wallet.

Walz was subsequently interrogated with questions such as did he oppose or support Bushie.  And his wife learned that the Secret Service was threatening to arrest him.  Walz says he asked Bush's staffers did they really want to arrest someone who had just returned home from fighting the war on terror. They decided not to.

Shortly after he retired from the Guard, Walz announced that he was running for Congress as a Democrat.

Company, Left (registration to Atlantic Monthly required)

It's truly inspiring to see especially veterans such as Walz, along with Paul Hackett of Ohio and Tim Dunn of North Carolina, returning home from war and continuing their service to this country, and doing so as Democrats.  It's encouraging to know that people still know how to vote for their own best interest.  And for our veterans, voting Republican is not in their best interest.