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Brownie Got Dire Warning in '04

@ 11:32 PM (111 months, 9 days ago)

Looks like Michael "doing a heck of a job" Brown received a "dire" warning last year, that the Federal Emergency Management Agency was not prepared for "the next big one."

He was told the agency that he led was operating under outdated plans.

Despite those dire warnings, thousands of people died..while Brownie was more concerned with being the "fashion God" that he declared himself to be.

Oh, the trust cost of cronyism.

FEMA chief was given dire warning in 2004

Brown was told response teams were not prepared for 'next big one'

Breaking News: Fitzgerald Presents Evidence Before New Grand Jury

@ 07:43 PM (111 months, 9 days ago)

Karl Rove still in the cross hairs (read: legal jeopardy):

CIA leak prosecutor again goes before grand jury