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Top Deputy to Ashcroft Refused to Approve Parts of Spy Program

@ 10:20 PM (107 months, 5 days ago)

Two years ago, James B. Comey, the top deputy to then Attorney General John Aschcroft, refused to approve portions of BushCo's spy program that calls for domestic eavesdropping without obtaining a warrant first.

Comey was serving as Acting Attorney General while Aschcroft was in the hospital recuperating from gallbladder surgery.  Because of Comey's refusal to approve portions of the spy program, White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card, and Alberto Gonzales (then White House Counsel) visited Aschcroft in the hospital to discuss the program.

It is not known whether Aschcroft ultimately approved the program, or if the White House went ahead with DOJ's approval.

Justice Deputy Resisted Parts of Spy Program

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  1. Anna- blaming it on a clopue of hicks, a love triangle and \"lack of oversight\" plays right into the wretched excuse of \"a few bad apples.\" The Graner episode, as well as countless others, occurred because it was allowed and encouraged from the top down- full well knowing that if it ever hit the fan, those at the bottom rung would absorb the consequences. The major megalomaniacs here are Rumsfeld and Cheney.As for the rights of those photographed- in all honesty, I can\'t speak for them, and neither can you. But if it had been me- the biggest humiliation of all would be to let these bastards get away with it. How many still await, hoping and praying for an Honest day in court?! Don\'t you think they would have to spill and relive all in court and before the world to see justice done? And those photographs remain the major evidence against their torturers. How many \"advanced interrogation\" videos were erased by our so called Intelligence operatives? How many more Holocaust deniers would be out there if not for the photographic evidence?

    Comment by Carlos— 2014/04/06 @ 05:59 AM — (Reply)

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    Comment by datanglah di jamcasioonline— 2014/06/26 @ 05:21 AM — (Reply)

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