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Katrina Evacuees Found Dead in Texas

@ 11:28 PM (110 months, 15 days ago)

What a heartbreaking story to close out 2005. Three family members relocated to Texas as a result of Hurricane Katrina were found dead in their apartment.

They were apparently facing eviction from their apartment, and police say they may be the victims of a double muder-suicide.

The bodies were discovered after police were called to the apartment to assist with the eviction.

Evacuee family found dead in Texas

My Cookies! Not My Cookies!

@ 11:22 PM (110 months, 15 days ago) is running an Associated Press story about the National Security Agency's use of illegal "cookies."

The NSA's official web site placed files on the computers of people who visited their website, that allowed the NSA to track the visitor's web activity (against federal rules banning such use of cookies).

The NSA says the issue has been corrected (yeah, okay!)

NSA inadvertently uses banned 'cookies'