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UCSC Chancellor Calls For Spy Investigation

@ 11:53 PM (110 months, 18 days ago)

University of California- Santa Cruz (UCSC) Chancellor Denice Denton has asked congressional representatives to investigate reports that the Pentagon has spied on campus protests.

Last spring, UCSC students protested against the military's habit of recruiting on campus.  Recently, MSNBC obtained documents which showed the Pentagon spied on the campus protest, identifying it as a "credible threat."  (To Rummy and crew I pose this question: A threat to whom or what?)

Chancellor Dentor wrote in an email: "We are greatly concerned about the Pentagon's investigation of a UCSC campus protest of military recruiting last spring."  She further stated that the Pentagon's spying on the campus protest was "A questionable use of military resources.  It is especially disquieting that political dissent would be considered threatening.''

UCSC Chief Alleges Spying

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