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Update- Katrina Aftermath

@ 11:47 PM (110 months, 21 days ago)

Required reading courtesy of the Washington Post:

A Shared Uncertainty: Hurricane Unites Evacuees on Both Sides Of New Orleans's Divide of Race and Class

Culture of Life- Take 2

@ 11:37 PM (110 months, 21 days ago)

Let's give it up for the so-called "culture of life" neo-cons on the far right.  They are for a culture of life, so much so that they threw a firebomb at an abortion clinic in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Brian Crawford, Spokesman for the Shreveport Fire Department, said  "This is not a crime to be taken lightly.  It's an arson crime -- and because of the nature of this crime, someone could also be charged with domestic terrorism as well."

A note to our friends on the right: if you really want to promote a culture of life, and if you are so concerned with abortions, when is the last time you walked up to a woman going into an abortion clinic, and askd her to see the birth through, so you can adopt her unborn child.

Firebomb thrown at abortion clinic