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Pro-Bush, Pro-War, and Taking to the Airwaves With Lies

@ 11:57 PM (112 months, 19 days ago)

A pro-war organization by the name of Move America Forward has taken to the airwaves with false claims that weapons of mass destruction, such as muster gas and anthrax, have been found in Iraq.  The group also claims that Iraq had "extensive" ties to Al Qaeda.

From the Wall Street Journal:

The television commercials are attention-grabbing: Newly found Iraqi documents show that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, including anthrax and mustard gas, and had "extensive ties" to al Qaeda. The discoveries are being covered up by those "willing to undermine support for the war on terrorism to selfishly advance their shameless political ambitions."

The hard-hitting spots are part of a recent public-relations barrage aimed at reversing a decline in public support for President Bush's handling of Iraq. But these advertisements aren't paid for by the Republican National Committee or other established White House allies. Instead, they are sponsored by Move America Forward, a media-savvy outside advocacy group that has become one of the loudest -- and most controversial -- voices in the Iraq debate.

The Republican National Committe and the Bush Crime Team at 1600 Penn Avenue have had no comment about these ads, which is their usual M.O.  They never came out to denounce the lies in the ads run by the Swift Boat liars.

And they will not denounce the lies in the ads now being run by the Move America forward organization.

Pro-War Group Takes to the Airwaves


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