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Required Reading for 12/15

@ 11:34 PM (110 months, 28 days ago)

Official: Al-Zarqawi caught, released--Breaking News of the night: Terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was actually captured last year by Iraqi security forces, but they did not recogize it was the Jordanian born terrorist, and he was released.

Elections Official: Some Voting Machines Could Be Hacked- Elections official in Florida says that testing done on some of their voting machines shows that the machines could indeed be hacked.

Bush Proclaims Belief in Delay Innocence

@ 07:17 PM (110 months, 28 days ago)

So during an interview on Fox News, Idiot Son proclaimed that he believes Tom Delay will be found innocent of money-laundering charges (which he is expected to go on trial for sometime next year).

Yet, Bush has refused to fully comment on the CIA leak case, saying it was a serious legal matter and it would be inappropriate for him to comment.

Let's do the Bush 2-step dance now!

Democrats blast Bush comment on pending legal case