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"Heck of a Good Job"- Part 2

@ 07:32 PM (101 months, 21 days ago)

So Bushie says that Defense Secretary Donald Rumseld has done a "heck of a good job" and he has no plans to replace him.  "End of my term is a long time, but I tell you, he's done a heck of a good job, and I have no intention of changing him."

Hmmm..Bushie, are you talking about the same Rumsfeld who told the Senate Armed Services Committee in September 2002 that "we know" where the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq are.

The same Rumseld who, on the eve of the Iraq war, let the Pentagon give our military leaders on the ground in Iraq a slide presentation on post-war planning that said "To Be Provided."

Bush Backs Rumsfeld, DeLay in Interview

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  1. I just have to ask what are you going to do when you run out of cute nicknames for Bush?

    Comment by — 2005/12/15 @ 12:41 AM — (Reply)

  2. They'll never run out of names - the combinations of BushHitlerChimpyMcCokespoon are endless.:mrgreen:

    Comment by Ralph Wiggum— 2005/12/15 @ 12:46 AM — (Reply)

  3. Really, all kidding aside, it is extremely disrespectful for you to refer to the President of the United States in that fashion. Obviously they didn't teach you in school what everyone else learns in high school civics, so I will educate you. It is proper manners to call him President Bush, even after he leaves office.

    Comment by Grey Ghost— 2005/12/15 @ 08:29 AM — (Reply)

  4. George Bush isn't deserving of my respect.

    He has done absolutely nothing to earn my respect since day one.

    I respect the Office of the President; I don't necessarily have to have respect for the person (a human being just like you and me) who holds the office.

    And I don't need lessons in respecting the President from any Republican.

    Republicans have called President Bill Clinton every name in the book, except a child of God.

    And they did that to his family as well.

    Where was your outrage at Rush Limbaugh's disrespect for a 13-year old Chelsea Clinton? Shortly after President Clinton took office in 1993, Rush Limbaugh was on his television show, and announced that the First Family (the Clintons) had a new White House dog. He then proceeded to hold up a picture of Chelsea.

    John McCain was once at a Republican fundraiser. And he said "Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because Janet Reno is her father."

    So the Republicans had no respect for President Clinton or his teenage daughter.

    I certainly don't need any lessons in respecting George Bush, who has never earned my respect in the first place.

    Comment by SMillard— 2005/12/15 @ 06:32 PM — (Reply)

  5. What's more, I notice that all the Freepers trolling this blog have one thing in common: you don't know how to address the real issues of the day. Because you are not prepared to.

    The topic of this thread is about Donald Rumsfeld's incompetence as Defense Secy; yet, you choose to focus on me calling Bush "Junior."

    Where is the discussion about the fact that in September 2002, Rumseld told the Senate Armed Services Committee "we know where the weapons are."

    What about the fact that the Pentagon and the White House gave our military leaders on the ground slides to review, on the eve of the Iraq war.

    When the military leaders got to the slide about post-war planning, it said "To Be Provided."

    Comment by SMillard— 2005/12/15 @ 06:35 PM — (Reply)

  6. Off subject from the real point of this thread here, which is Donald Rumsfeld.

    But it seems some Freepers, who obviously don't live in the reality-based community, doubt that Rush Limbaugh ever called Chelsea Clinton a White House Dog.

    Chelsea catches the public's eye
    First daughter has changed in 4 years
    By Nicole Piscopo, Cox News Service
    When the public first saw Chelsea Clinton, she was smack in the middle of that awkward stage -- shy and gawky in puffy-sleeved little-girl dresses, her mouth full of braces and her body carrying some baby fat.
    Most people kindly ignored the pre-teen. But not everybody.
    Rush Limbaugh -- in a jab that caused a collective cringe among conservatives and liberals alike -- referred to then-12-year-old Chelsea as "the White House dog."

    And several references to John McCain's joke that the reason Chelsea Clinton was so ugly, was b/c Janet Reno is her father:

    Now back to the real subject of this thread..Donald Rumsfeld's incompetence.

    Comment by SMillard— 2005/12/15 @ 11:19 PM — (Reply)

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