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The World's "Invisible" Children

@ 11:27 PM (112 months, 4 days ago)

In it's new report "Excluded and Invisible," the organization UNICEF says there are millions of "invisible" children in the world.

Millions of the world's most vulnerable, neediest children are "invisible" to their own governments, because there is no record of their birth.

Children who are orphans due to AIDS, as well as those who are forced into early marriages, also account for those who have fallen off their government's radar screen.

Millions of children "invisible": UNICEF


Conservative Christians: Poverty Not Their Issue

@ 11:17 PM (112 months, 4 days ago)

Don't bother Conservative Christians with that pesky poverty issue!  You can almost here them saying 'Poverty? What poverty?'

Seems like cutting domestic spending programs for the poor is not a sexy enough issue for so-called 'Christian' conservatives.

Paul Hetrick, a spokesman for right-wing nut job James Dobson's Focus on the Family, says "It's not a question of the poor not being important or that meeting their needs is not important.  But whether or not a baby is killed in the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy, that is less important than help for the poor? We would respectfully disagree with that."  (So let me see if I can get this straight, Mr. Hetrick.  Love the fetus, hate the child seems to be your modus operandi. The obligation to a child ends once that child is born?  I get it now!)

Hetrick's fellow right-wing fundie, Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council, says "There is a [biblical] mandate to take care of the poor. There is no dispute of that fact.  But it does not say government should do it. That's a shifting of responsibility."

Forgive me, Mr. Perkins, for thinking that we all live in this world together, and we are not a country unto ourselves.  Forgive me for thinking that Jesus Christ was talking to ALL OF US (as human beings) when he said "Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." (Matthew 25:40).

Forgive me, Mr. Perkins, for thinking He was talking to all of us in Matthew 25:35: For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in."

A Religious Protest Largely From the Left: Conservative Christians Say Fighting Cuts in Poverty Programs Is Not a Priority


"Heck of a Good Job"- Part 2

@ 07:32 PM (112 months, 4 days ago)

So Bushie says that Defense Secretary Donald Rumseld has done a "heck of a good job" and he has no plans to replace him.  "End of my term is a long time, but I tell you, he's done a heck of a good job, and I have no intention of changing him."

Hmmm..Bushie, are you talking about the same Rumsfeld who told the Senate Armed Services Committee in September 2002 that "we know" where the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq are.

The same Rumseld who, on the eve of the Iraq war, let the Pentagon give our military leaders on the ground in Iraq a slide presentation on post-war planning that said "To Be Provided."

Bush Backs Rumsfeld, DeLay in Interview

Bob Novack: Bush Knows Source of Plame Leak

@ 07:18 PM (112 months, 4 days ago)

So now Bob Novack says that he's confident George W. Bush knows who leaked former covert CIA operative Valerie Plame's name.

In a question and answer session after a speech he gave, Novack said "I'd be amazed" if Junior DID NOT know who leaked Plame's name.

Bob Novak Says President Knows Leak Source

Secret Prisons R Us

@ 12:00 AM (112 months, 5 days ago)

On November 2, The Washington Post first reported allegations that the United States was running secret prisons overseas.

Now, an investigation by a Swiss Senator, Dick Marty, has confirmed the existence of the secret prisons.

Marty's investigation found that the United States illegally held detainees in Europe, but rushed to ship the last detainees to North Africa once word of the secret prisons got out.

Some European officals have said the existence of these prisons would violate their continent's "human rights principles."

Investigator: U.S. Shipped Out Detainees