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Secret Prisons R Us

@ 12:00 AM (110 months, 29 days ago)

On November 2, The Washington Post first reported allegations that the United States was running secret prisons overseas.

Now, an investigation by a Swiss Senator, Dick Marty, has confirmed the existence of the secret prisons.

Marty's investigation found that the United States illegally held detainees in Europe, but rushed to ship the last detainees to North Africa once word of the secret prisons got out.

Some European officals have said the existence of these prisons would violate their continent's "human rights principles."

Investigator: U.S. Shipped Out Detainees


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  1. Don't worry you libs will be taken to the camps soon enough. Right after Chimpy declares marshall (sic) law.

    Comment by Freeper— 2005/12/14 @ 12:13 AM — (Reply)

  2. hmm

    I really care what europe thinks.

    Oh wait, no i dont.

    Comment by — 2005/12/14 @ 12:23 AM — (Reply)

  3. Yep freeps, im thinking this blogger needs a lil reeducation.

    Comment by Skinner— 2005/12/14 @ 12:23 AM — (Reply)

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    Comment by ihmuuuow— 2007/03/04 @ 06:18 AM — (Reply)

  5. Oh no, this might make Europe not like us. Oh wait......:roll:

    Comment by overlord— 2005/12/14 @ 12:25 AM — (Reply)

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    Comment by fhotpaio— 2007/03/08 @ 01:14 PM — (Reply)

  7. Don't tell them about the re-edumaction camps, Freeper!:mrgreen:

    Comment by Ralph Wiggum— 2005/12/14 @ 12:28 AM — (Reply)

  8. I was on my way to go spit on some troops (if no cameras are present) when I saw a link to this site on CU (I love CU because they always talk about me). Anyhoo, great site you have here way to speak truth to power. If we have enough of these blogs Chimpeachment is sure to follow.

    Comment by Distressed American.— 2005/12/14 @ 12:31 AM — (Reply)

  9. Don't worry Ralphie he is from the reality based community they can handle the thruth. :lol:

    Comment by Freeper— 2005/12/14 @ 12:36 AM — (Reply)

  10. You guys just can't stop can you? The camps and redumacation is not for public knowledge YET!!!!

    Please be shhhhhh..:!:


    Comment by K. R.— 2005/12/14 @ 12:56 AM — (Reply)


    Comment by — 2005/12/14 @ 01:15 AM — (Reply)

  12. They're cumming to show me the way, they're cumming to show me the way. OOOH',OOOHHH,'OOOOH OH OH AWWWW.

    DICK marty is got a smoke?

    Comment by — 2005/12/14 @ 01:36 AM — (Reply)

  13. Oh, and by the way, the re-education camps do not have Internet access. This blog will whither on the vine, so to speak.

    Comment by Oracle— 2005/12/14 @ 10:54 AM — (Reply)

  14. Oh please dear god! please don't let them come and take me away to them scary prison camps! I am so afraid of dropping the soap and them finding out that I am NOT a virgen!

    Comment by Diseased American— 2005/12/14 @ 06:39 PM — (Reply)

  15. Thank God our President has brought back honor and integrity to the White House.


    Comment by seaside— 2005/12/14 @ 06:45 PM — (Reply)

  16. To our beloved (NOT!) freepers/Bush aplogoists: This really isn't about Europe.

    This is about the United States, and the fact that we are holding people indefinitely, without bringing any charges against them.

    If the United States government had evidence that these are terrorists, then bring charges against them, and let the legal system work its course.

    Also remember that some of the people in U.S. custody are, are not people who were caught in terrorist activity.

    Some of them are people that the United States simply rounded up in the heat of the battle in Afghanistan and Iraq--people who picked up arms to fight the U.S. invasions.

    If some foreign country invaded the United States, and you picked up arms to fight that foreign invasion, that does not make you a terrorist.

    Comment by SMillard— 2005/12/14 @ 07:15 PM — (Reply)

  17. Ah, yes. Those people found in Afghanistan are the TALIBAN. Pretty bad guys; they probably want a chain around your ankle and a burqua over your head. Oh, and you wouldn't be producing your blog, as a majority of men and practically ALL women under the Taliban were forcibly kept illiterate.
    The ones in Iraq are AL-QUEADA. Remember them from 9-11?
    Also, those folks aren't US citizens who commited a stateside crime, they are enemy combatants found on a battlefield shooting at US troops. And no, they are not POW's or entitled to the Geneva Convention, as they were not uniform-clad soldiers under the banner of a country. SORRY!:mad:
    And yes, if you are Al-Queda or Taliban, you are most definatly a terrorist. The fact is, most homicide bombers who operate in Iraq are not Iraqis, but rather Syrians and Iranians (and the occasional Belgian) imported by Al-Queda, again, a terrorist organization.

    Comment by Grey Ghost— 2005/12/15 @ 08:41 AM — (Reply)

  18. Your own "President" just admitted that Al Qaeda makes up the smallest group of people in Iraq.

    He admitted it in one of his serious of recent Iraq speeches.

    Iraq was not a terrorist country. George Bush sure helped turn it into one, though.

    Get your facts straight!

    Comment by SMillard— 2005/12/15 @ 06:39 PM — (Reply)

  19. By the way, here is the exact quote from Shrub.

    This is from his Iraq speech on November 30, when he admitted that Al Qaeda makes up the smallest group of people we are fighting in Iraq:

    "The third group is the smallest, but the most lethal: the terrorists affiliated with or inspired by al-Qaida."

    Comment by SMillard— 2005/12/15 @ 06:49 PM — (Reply)

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