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Peace Activists: You're On Candid Camera!

@ 07:24 PM (109 months, 25 days ago)

NBC News has obtained a previously secret, 400-page document produced by the Defense Department, which shows the United States Government is spying on Americans; particularly, activists and organizations that align themselves with peace.

The spy database includes approximately four (4) dozen anti-war meetings and protests, some of which took place far away from any military installation or building.

In particular, the Pentagon spied on a group of activists coming together at a Quaker Meeting House in Florida.  On their agenda: protesting military recruitment at high schools.  (Oh the horror.  How dare they protest?  How dare they not want their young children to go off to war!)

So, dear American citizen, just be careful the next time you DARE to have an opinion about a political matter, or want to peacefully assemble.  You could be on the Pentagon's candid camera.

Is the Pentagon spying on Americans?

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  1. I think they must be insane in the Pentagon. Quakers are never a threat to anyone...they are pacifists.

    Comment by punkingal— 2005/12/13 @ 10:53 PM — (Reply)

  2. That's exactly right.

    It just goes to show you what they view as a "threat."

    In their mind, anyone who doesn't agree with their neo-con, let's control the Middle East, facist agenda is a "threat."

    Comment by SMillard— 2005/12/13 @ 11:02 PM — (Reply)

  3. Attention "Reality-Based Community", time for a reality check:

    “I mean, we're based here at the Quaker Meeting House,” says Truth Project member Marie Zwicker, “and several of us are Quakers.”

    So by the member's own admission, "several" of them, but not all, were Quakers. Who were the others? Quaker Oats eaters?

    Look, if this is illegal, argue it from that standpoint. Don't throw up a lie about it being just a peaceful group of Quakers being picked on. You do have the capacity for honesty, don't you? Or is hyperbole and misrepresentation your only weapons?

    Comment by dandi— 2005/12/14 @ 01:12 AM — (Reply)

  4. Yea I mean you wouldn't want anyone to go fighting for freedom and democracy or anything like that would you?:roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll:

    Comment by — 2005/12/14 @ 01:15 AM — (Reply)

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