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Bush: 30,000 Dead Iraqis

@ 11:19 PM (101 months, 18 days ago)

George Bush said today that his illegal invasion of Iraq (ok, so maybe he left out the illegal invasion part) has produced approximately 30,000 dead Iraqis. 

Sadly, Junior will never admit that these innocent Iraqis have died for the creation of an Islamic theocracy.

Bush: 30,000 Iraqis Killed In War


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  1. Say it aint so!!!

    We killed more than that.

    Better have anyway!

    Comment by Skinner— 2005/12/14 @ 12:27 AM — (Reply)

  2. And how many of those 30,000 were innocent Iraqis killed wantonly by the "Freedom Fighters" you liberals seem to hold in such high esteem? Doesn't it strike you as strange that they didn't wait for one minute to see whether or not an honest, democratically-installed government of the Iraqi people could be formed, but rather right out of the gate started slaughtering their own countrymen under the guise of fighting the "western invaders"? But WE'RE supposed to be the bad guys? Tell me, do you EVER blame the people who are actually doing the killing? Didn't think so.

    Comment by dandi— 2005/12/14 @ 12:57 AM — (Reply)

  3. Sadly Shalana would never read this.

    Iraqi war dead

    No Shalana wouldn't care because it is a testament to our troops and the number of people Bush has saved from the madman Saddam

    Comment by — 2005/12/14 @ 01:08 AM — (Reply)

  4. dandi...don't even try, shalana is still rubbing her head trying to figure out what you just said.

    Comment by — 2005/12/14 @ 01:12 AM — (Reply)

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