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Bush: 30,000 Dead Iraqis

@ 11:19 PM (112 months, 7 days ago)

George Bush said today that his illegal invasion of Iraq (ok, so maybe he left out the illegal invasion part) has produced approximately 30,000 dead Iraqis. 

Sadly, Junior will never admit that these innocent Iraqis have died for the creation of an Islamic theocracy.

Bush: 30,000 Iraqis Killed In War


Judge Rules in Favor of Katrina Survivors

@ 10:18 PM (112 months, 7 days ago)

A federal judge has ruled that the Federal Emergency Management (or Mismanagement) Agency extend by one month, it's program has put up tens of thousands of displaced  Americans in hotels.  The judge ordered that the program be extended until February 7, one month after the deadline that FEMA had set.

Judge orders extension of FEMA hotel program

Edit to add new article link:

Thousands still waiting for FEMA trailers (Fewer than half the 25,000 promised have been delivered)