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Pat Robertson: Blacks Won't Vote for Anyone Not Named "Bubba"

@ 11:15 PM (111 months, 14 days ago)

Today's award for Idiot Quote of the Day goes to the esteemed Pat Robertson, who apparently has some insight into the minds of African-Americans.

During an interview with Fox News hore John Gibson, Pat Robertson said:

GIBSON: I have said it before, so I don't think I'm getting into any trouble for saying it today. I think one of the reasons Kerry lost is that Christian liberals felt that the hostility expressed by the Democratic Party toward Christians made them uncomfortable. African-Americans did not turn out to vote for Kerry as they were expected to. Christian liberals of the Eastern seaboard didn't turn out as they were expected to, and I've always said, look, if you got [Democratic National Committee chairman] Howard Dean going around complaining about right-wing evangelicals, other Christians are going to say, hmmm, this makes me a little uncomfortable to hear that kind of talk.

ROBERTSON: Well, I just think it's really -- if you haven't got a Democratic nominee who can be called "Bubba," you're not going to get him in office.

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