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Shopping for Judges

@ 11:37 PM (112 months, 29 days ago)
Who is this man, and why is he shopping for judges?  Seems like Tom Delay doesn't like the judge scheduled to preside over his antipicated trial on money laundering and conspiracy charges.
Delay's lawyer told Judge Bob Perkins that he should step aside from the Delay case, because he's donated to liberal organizations like Move On. let me see if I've got this straight.  Tom Delay is running ads against Ronnie Earle (the District Attorney who successfully had him indicted).  He's asking people to call Ronnie Earle and tell him "it's not a crime to be a conservative."  Never mind that Tom Delay has broken the law.  He wants people to believe he's only been indicted because he's a conservative Republican.
Yet, Delay's lawyer is telling Judge Perkins he should step down from Delay's case, because he's a Democrat. 
Note to Delay and his Crime Team: It's not a crime to be a liberal judge.  And you can't go shopping for judges just because you don't like the one you got.