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Iraq: The Next Theocracy

@ 11:17 PM (116 months, 3 days ago)

I never thought I'd thank George Bush for anything.  But well, you know the old saying! There's a first time for everything.

So tonight, I want to thank our esteemed Emperor in Chief for proving that he is indeed the miserable failure we all suspected he was.

All you freedom-loving folks who thought we might acutally be building a democracy in Iraq (gulp)- put on your brakes! You'll be proud to know that The War President (who then flip-flopped and said he wanted to be the Peace President) has helped build the next theocracy.

The Guardian reports:  "The United States has eased its opposition to an Islamic Iraqi state to help clinch a deal on a draft constitution before tonight's deadline.

American diplomats backed religious conservatives who threatened to torpedo talks over the shape of the new Iraq unless Islam was a primary source of law. Secular and liberal groups were dismayed at the move, branding it a betrayal of Washington's promise to advocate equal rights in a free and tolerant society."

Thank you George, Condi and Rummy!  Well done!,2763,1553862,00.html