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Lack of Funds Closes Anti-Clinton Library

@ 09:43 PM (117 months, 10 days ago)

Well, this story just made my entire day!!!  The Anti-Clinton Library that was established as a rebuttal to Bill Clinton's Presidential Library, is closing.  Richard Erickson, a Houston businessman who founded Counterlibe Inc. in 2004, told the Associated Press: "I'm giving up. I was very passionate about this, but also very naive as far as fundraising procedures go."

Well Dick, you know what they say about karma.  Suffice it to say, it's not pretty!

Roberts to O'Connor: Keep Your Feelings on the Downlow

@ 06:39 PM (117 months, 10 days ago)

On Aug. 10, 1981, Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts served his first day on the job as a Special Assistant to then Attorney General William French Smith.

So what, pretell, did Roberts do on his first day? In a strange twist of fate, he helped then Supreme Court nominee Sandra Day O'Connor prepare for her confirmation hearings!

Now, Roberts wants to replace O'Connor.  Walk with me through a history lesson, will you, as we learn exactly what advice Roberts gave O'Connor.

In a memo to Ken Starr (yes, that Kenn Starr) Roberts said he told Sandra Day O'Connor to avoid any specific responses to questions about her views on cases which were expected to reach the Supreme Court.  In other words: be evasive.  After all, what right do those jokers on the Senate Judiciary Committee have to know about your judicial views, dear Sandra?

Roberts wrote in his memo to Starr: "The approach was to avoid giving specific responses to any direct questions on legal issues likely to come before the court, but demonstrating in the response a firm command of the subject area and awareness of the relevant precedents and arguments."

In a September 9, 1981 memo to Sandra Day O'Connor, Roberts told the nominee "The proposition that the only way senators can ascertain a nominee's views is through questions on specific cases should be rejected."